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The musical goals of Island Choral Experience are defined by Artistic Director, Cheryl Falk:

I believe each and every child has something very vital and exciting to add to Island Choral Experience. My first and foremost goal is to find every choir members gold and bring it forth for them to see and share with everyone. I will:
1. Teach the process of music.
2. Share the joy of music.
3. Select music that encompasses all styles to round out a students repertoire.
4. Pay strict and constant attention to technique.
5. Guide students in the care of their vocal instrument.
6. Respect each child's uniqueness.
7. Make rehearsals a safe place to learn.
8. Pass the musical baton.
9. Set high achievable standards.
10. Let students help govern.

At Island Choral Experience, we strongly believe music helps prepare one mentally, physically, socially and emotionally for life. Our staff, our director and our choir members have developed the following goals:
1. Learn correct vocal production, posture, breathing, phonation, resonation, alignment of vowels, and articulation.
2. Learn the language of music.
3. Learn to care for our instrument (our voice).
4. Increase vocal range.
5. Sing in harmony.
6. Sing expressively: with dynamics, tone, color, and intonation.
7. Develop sight-singing skills.
8. Develop ear-training skills.
9. Learn to perform in any situation.
10. Express ourselves through our music and our choreography.
11. Increase poise and self-confidence.
12. Develop self-discipline.
13. Participate in a cooperative effort for quality.
14. Learn to follow a director.

A great deal of time is put into choosing the songs that allow Artistic Director Cheryl Falk and Arranger/Accompanist Eugene Bien to teach the musical goals of our program. Some songs provide opportunities for solo singers. Working toward solos also parallels our goals and our mission, with the philosophy that the process is far more important than the product. Solo auditions are an important part of learning what it means to work at a professional level. We encourage the children to take that step and sing in front of their fellow choir members, whom we expect to be enthusiastic and supportive. Those who audition and those who watch are all learning.