About Island Choral Experience

The Northwest is proud to be the home of the Island Choral Experience, one of the nation’s renowned youth musical organizations. ICE is a community based choral and performing arts company that has been in existence for over thirty years.

Using music and dance as a medium to teach confidence, poise, risk taking, success and even failure is part of an established philosophy of helping girls find their true selves. We see girls succeed in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the music and dance arena due to their experiences in ICE. We embrace all of our members for their unique talents and their varied abilities and skill levels. Some girls are “born” to perform, while others have to be coaxed out of their shells to recognize their talents. We strive to help each girl discover their full potential as part of a musical journey in ICE.

Performances by the Island Choral Experience choirs are unique in that they feature young artists combining choral excellence, vibrant movement and colorful costuming. The extensive repertoire for each season includes contemporary and classical music as well as original choreography.

Island Choral Experience is a non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors comprised of choir parents. The young musicians are guided by a gifted team of dedicated professionals, who in turn, are supported by the efforts of volunteers devoting hundreds of hours to make the choral experience meaningful, educational and fun.

Island Choral Experience rents a rehearsal room at Evergreen Covenant Church on Mercer Island, WA.